October 2017

  • The rise of the (Alt-)Right in Germany’s Elections: A commentary
  •   by Ralph Keller   Editor’s note: Below is the updated... Read more

  • The Impossible Referendum that Happened in Catalonia
  •   by Enrique Saiz   The last few years have been witness to a... Read more

  • Audio: Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx
  •   by Andrew Kliman   I have just written a full-length essay,... Read more

    September 2017

  • 3.4 Million Puerto Ricans Remain in Dark since Hurricane; Lack Food, Water, Medicine
  •   by Anne Jaclard   Ten days after Puerto Rico was devastated... Read more

  • No Borders: A Movement in the Process of Becoming?
  •   A review-essay of Natasha King, No Borders: The Politics of Immigration... Read more

  • Trump Tries to Blunt Protests Against his Ending DACA
  •   Editor’s note: This article follows events of the few days... Read more

  • Trump Rescinds ‘Dreamer’ Youths’ Deferral of Deportation; Protests Spread throughout U.S.
  •   by Anne Jaclard   Protests are in full force across the U.S.... Read more

    August 2017

  • North Korea and US Threaten Nuclear War: an MHI Statement
  • Last week, North Korea tested missiles in international waters around the... Read more

  • Will We Allow Trump to Get Away with Fomenting White Supremacy and Racist Violence?
  •   A controversy is raging in the United States, and internationally,... Read more

  • Against Left Economic Populism
  •   by Brendan Cooney   The rise of Trumpism, and the global rise... Read more

    July 2017

  • Commemorating Raya Dunayevskaya, 1910-1987:
    Founder of Marxist-Humanism
  •   by Travis Blute   Last month (9 June) marked the 30th anniversary... Read more

  • Alt-Right Joins KKK to Keep Racism on the Offensive in South
  • by Anne Jaclard, from news courtesy of National Lawyers Guild Strange as... Read more

  • UK’s 2017 General Election: A Crisis for the Political Class
  •   by Stakhanov Russ   “In office, but not in power.” ––Nigel... Read more

    June 2017

  • Deadly Fire in London Apartment Building: Underlying Causes
  •    Editors’ note: On Wednesday, June 14, a fire engulfed Grenfell... Read more

  • Video: MHI-sponsored Panel on Confronting “Anti-Neoliberal Left” Collaboration with Trumpism and the Far Right
  •   Marxist-Humanist Initiative is unflinchingly opposed to Trumpism... Read more

  • Terror Attacks We Don’t Hear Much About
  •   Ed. note: MHI deplores and condemns terror attacks everywhere.... Read more

  • Haitian Workers Brutally Attacked. ACT NOW.
  •   Editor’s note: The following appeal for messages of support for... Read more

  • Commentary from Sweden: The Left Spreads the Right’s Hatred
  •   by Martin Klepke Originally published in Expressen (May 10, 2017,... Read more

  • France Has Dodged a Bullet in its Head
  •   France Has Dodged a Bullet in its Head: Macron’s Victory Offers... Read more

    May 2017

  • Ghosts of the Innocent Victims–what more is there to come?
  •   by Ralph Keller   The pictures of the Manchester attack are... Read more

  • Come to MHI’s panel at Left Forum on Sun. June 4 in NYC
  •   [Note added Jul. 6, 2017: A video of the panel and some of the papers... Read more

  • Trump, Le Pen, Neoliberalism: Mea Culpa from a Far-Left Sanders Supporter
  •   by Prestyr John   Mea Culpa: I have been following Andrew... Read more

  • No Normalization of or Collaboration with Trumpism: An Open Letter to Platypus
  •   by Andrew Kliman   To the Platypus Affiliated Society: I decline... Read more

    April 2017

  • Marches for Science turn Earth Day into Truth Day
  • by Anne Jaclard and friends April 22 was Earth Day, an annual event since... Read more

  • The UK Left after Brexit: Free Movement and the Unions
  •   by Thomas Fagan   Unite the Union The issue of free movement of... Read more

  • Monsters vs. Zombies: Review of Phil Mullan’s Creative Destruction
  •   Phil Mullan, Creative Destruction: How to Start an Economic Renaissance,... Read more

  • Down with Le Pen, Trump, and Anti-Neoliberal “Left” Collaborationism
  •   by Andrew Kliman   Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a supposed far-left... Read more

  • The Social Crisis in Greece
  •   by Ta Paidia Tis Galarias (TPTG), March 2017   INTRODUCTION:... Read more

  • Escalation is the order of the day in Syria
  •   by Ralph Keller   On 7 April, US president Donald Trump ordered... Read more

  • H&H Workers in Haiti Go Back to Work on Their Terms
  •   Editor’s note: We are pleased to announce that the garment workers... Read more

  • Bull Fight on Wall Street
  •   by A. J.   New York is abuzz about the recently installed... Read more

  • Lain Rejects, then Accepts, then Reneges on Terms of MHI’s Podcast Invitation
  •   Last week, after an attack on Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI)... Read more

  • Cops Surveil Black Lives Matter; U.S. Justice Dept. Abandons All Police Oversight
  • Press release from the Center for Constitutional Rights, NYC Last week,... Read more

  • MHI Invites Doug Lain to Discuss Disagreements
  • Yesterday, Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) invited Doug Lain to discuss... Read more

    March 2017

  • South African Movement Battles ANC for Housing, Land, Freedom to Protest
  •   Bhambayi Protests – The Rule of Lies Continues to Tear Apart... Read more

  • Holocaust Survivor Confronts Trump’s Immigration Enforcer
  •   On the Banality of “Populist” Evil by Andrew Kliman At a public... Read more

  • The Resistance Sends Trump-Ryan Obamacare Replacement to Humiliating Defeat
  •     by Andrew Kliman and Anne Jaclard   Donald “The Art... Read more

  • Significance of the Dutch Election
  •   by Roel van de Pol   Voters in the Netherlands elected a new... Read more

  • Trump Rolls Out New ‘Muslim Ban’ and Court Blocks It
  • by Anne Jaclard Donald Trump’s second “Muslim ban” was to go into... Read more

  • 250,000 rally in London to Save National Health Service
  •   Warning: don’t have an accident, get sick or grow old   by... Read more

    February 2017

  • Londoners Protest to Shut Down LD50 Gallery, Sponsor of “Alt-Right” Exhibits and Talks
  •   by Apollo and E. A.   We attended a “Shut Down LD50” picket... Read more

  • New Yorkers Protest Against Trump’s Attack on Free Press
  • by Andrew Kliman Yesterday morning, two days after Donald Trump’s White... Read more

  • Protest Outside Parliament Against Trump’s State Visit to Britain
  • by Ralph Keller and Travis Blute The opposition to Trump internationally... Read more

  • London Solidarity March Against Trump’s Muslim Ban
  • By Ralph Keller & Travis Blute The legal challenges against Trump’s... Read more

  • Mass Opposition to ‘Muslim Ban’ Forces Trump to Comply with Court Stay; Protests Continue across U.S. & World
  • Saturday, Feb.4—For the ninth day in a row, spontaneous demonstrations... Read more

  • Haitian Workers Fired For Union Activity, Some Win Jobs Back
  • Ed. note: We received the following information about a Haitian garment... Read more

    January 2017

  • Moseley’s Method of Debate: a comment from a Belgian Marxist youth
  •   by Roel van de Pol   For some time, I have been posting comments... Read more

  • Philadelphia and Other Sanctuary Cities Defiant in Face of Trump’s Threat
  • by K On January 25, a day before his first visit to Philadelphia, President... Read more

  • Instant mass protests against Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ sweep country
  •   The U.S. erupted again on Saturday, January 28, just a week after... Read more

  • Gigantic Resistance Emerging Against Trumpism begins to make America GREAT again
  •   Millions march to stop Trump; women lead in self-mobilization   See... Read more

  • Views from London Women’s March: Internationalism Trumps Trump
  •   See also new editorial: “Gigantic Resistance Emerging Against... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 13
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the thirteenth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • Response to Swedish Podcaster’s False and Harmful Accusations Against MHI
  •   A Swedish podcaster recently leveled false and harmful charges... Read more

    December 2016

  • New Yorkers March for Immigrant Rights at U.N.
  • Immigrants in New York City demonstrated on Dec. 18  against Trump’s... Read more

  • Some US Media Criticize Term ‘Alt Right’ and Discover Fake News
  • Lately, some U.S. media have voiced criticism of the term “alt right”... Read more

    November 2016

  • Audio: Interview with MHI on the Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism
  • In our August 29 editorial, MHI warned about the extraordinary dangers... Read more

  • Oregon anti-Trump Protests: A Participant’s View
  •   by Oregon college student When Trump won the election, I was down... Read more

  • Jews Fight Back Against Bannon, Show Solidarity with Other Targets of Trumpism
  • by MHI participants On November 20, about 1000 Jews and others participated... Read more

  • MHI Statement on Fighting Trump & Trumpism
  •   Nov. 15–Tens of millions of Americans–and people throughout... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 12
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the twelfth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • Why I Voted for the Imperialist Hillary Clinton
  •   by Eddie Goldman   It was just sitting there in its oversized... Read more

    October 2016

  • Can a McMullin Vote in Utah Help Stop Trump?
  •   by Andrew Kliman   MHI’s editorial on the extraordinary... Read more

  • Audio: Libertarian and Marxist-Humanist Debate Freedom
  •   As we previously announced, libertarian economist Per Bylund and... Read more

    August 2016

  • The Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism
  • [Note added Nov. 16, 2016: see also our post-election Statement in Featured... Read more

  • MHI public meetings in London Sept. 11 and Stockholm Sept. 14
  •   Marxist-Humanist Initiative will sponsor a discussion on “The... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 11
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the eleventh installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 10
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the tenth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 9
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the ninth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 8
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the eighth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 7
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the seventh installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • Review of Is Marx’s Theory of Profit Right? The Simultaneist-Temporalist Debate
  •   Is Marx’s Theory of Profit Right? The Simultaneist-Temporalist... Read more

    July 2016

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 6
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the sixth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 5
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the fifth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 4
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the fourth installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • Brexit, Trumpism, Sanders, and the Decrepit State of Capitalism: Against Political Determinism
  •   by Michael Rectenwald Published simultaneously in With Sober Senses... Read more

    June 2016

  • Orlando nightclub massacre and the depth of homophobia
  • We mourn the 49 lives cut short in the June 12 massacre of lesbian, gay,... Read more

  • The Eternal Sunshine of the Vanguardist Mind: How Socialist Alternative Substitutes Opportunism for Theory
  •   #opportunism4Bernie   by Brendan Cooney   It must be... Read more

  • Dunayevskaya’s Critique of News and Letters Committees’ Attitude to Theory
  •   by Andrew Kliman During the discussion period of a meeting of the... Read more

  • On Brexit: The Sovereignty Trap
  •   by Chris Gilligan   The debate on the United Kingdom’s (UK’s)... Read more

  • Should the UK leave the European Union? Differing Ideas about the Coming Vote
  • Editors’ Note: MHI, which takes no position on this question, publishes... Read more

  • Is it Utopian to Argue for Open Borders?
  • by Chris Gilligan Thousands of migrants in Europe are prisoners of border... Read more

  • The French Stand Up
  • by Richard Greeman Montpellier, May 26, 2016 « We’ve had enough »... Read more

  • A View from Slovenia: Employee-owned companies and left-wing organization
  • by Tibor Malinovič, »Iskra« student society, Slovenia The article is... Read more

  • Video: MHI Tackles “The Vanguardist/Spontaneist Binary” & “Overcoming Capitalism” at Left Forum
  • MHI participated in three panels at Left Forum 2016: “The Vanguardist/Spontaneist... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 3
  • by Andrew Kliman   Here is the third installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

    May 2016

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 2
  • by Andrew Kliman Here is the second installment of “All Value-Form,... Read more

  • All Value-Form, No Value-Substance: Comments on Moseley’s New Book, Part 1
  • by Andrew Kliman I’m writing a series of comments on Fred Moseley’s... Read more

  • May 21-22: Left Forum Panels on Alternative to Vanguardist/ Spontaneist Binary + others
  • MHI will present a panel at Left Forum 2016 entitled “The Vanguardist/Spontaneist... Read more

  • The Significance of Sadiq Khan’s Election as London’s Mayor
  • by Travis Bean The election of Labour Party candidate Sadiq Khan as the... Read more

  • 150,000 Protest in London against Austerity and Corruption
  • On March 16, about 150,000 people marched in London.  Called by the UK’s... Read more

  • Video: MHI’s London Meetings on Humanism, Housing Movement
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) launched activities in the UK with two... Read more

    April 2016

  • Dunayevskaya’s review of Mattick’s Marx and Keynes
  • In light of the recent growth of revolutionary-sounding but anti-proletarian... Read more

    March 2016

  • Video: Madrid Debate on Economic Crisis — Steve Keen vs. Steve Keen (and Andrew Kliman)
  • On March 10, a lively debate took place between Andrew Kliman and Steve... Read more

  • Open Letter on Brexit that Spiked Rejected
  • Last month, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a referendum,... Read more

    February 2016

  • Video: Documentary film: “Raya Dunayevskaya: Biography of an Idea”
  • MHI is happy to distribute this documentary film by Alex Fletcher.  It... Read more

  • Audio: MHI discusses state-capitalism & the nature of Soviet Union
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) held a discussion Jan. 23 on state-capitalism,... Read more

  • MHI launches activity in UK; two meetings in March
  •  VIDEOS OF THESE MEETINGS ARE NOW HERE [added May 5, 2016]. MHI is proud... Read more

  • Dunayevskaya on the Vanguardists’ “No Blueprints” Line
  • The following is excerpted verbatim from Raya Dunayevskaya’s article,... Read more

    October 2015

  • Write to Demand Freedom for Moroccan Human Rights Activist
  • In the midst of his second hunger strike in two months, Maati Monjib collapsed... Read more

    July 2015

  • The Greek Referendum and the Tasks of the Left
  • by Stavros Mavroudeas* During the six months after its January 2015 election... Read more

    June 2015

  • LGBTQ movement wins marriage rights, but hard fights lie ahead
  • On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court, in in a rare act of support for people... Read more

  • Workers in Haiti take the streets and launch wildcat strikes
  • A report from the Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network Hundreds of workers... Read more

  • Video: MHI’s Left Forum 2015 Panels
  • Below are videos of the three panels sponsored by MHI at this year’s... Read more

  • Livestream Course on Marx’s Capital
  •   Reading Capital Closely: Livestream Course on Volume 1   During... Read more

    May 2015

  • Come to MHI’s Panels at the Left Forum, May 29-31 in NYC
  •   [Added June 1o, 2015: Videos of the three panels are now posted... Read more

  • Harvey vs. Marx on Crisis: Kliman’s Rejoinder
  • Editors’ note: David Harvey recently published a critique of Marx’s... Read more

  • Greece: 60 Days Older and Deeper in Debt
  • by TPTG (Τα παιδιά της γαλαρίας [Children of the Galley]),... Read more

    April 2015

  • On the Relevance of Marx’s Capital for Today
  • by Andrew Kliman [MHI note: This is the English version of Kliman’s... Read more

    March 2015

  • Audio: Harvey versus Marx on Capitalism’s Crises
  • Editors’ note: This article is Andrew Kliman’s response to David Harvey’s... Read more

    February 2015

  • Luhansk Republic (Eastern Ukraine) Bans Independent Unions
  • Reprinted with permission from The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, which seeks... Read more

    January 2015

  • On SYRIZA’s Victory — statement by TPTG
  • [Note by MHI: The following statement was written by the Greek TPTG group.... Read more

  • Q&A with artist Yevgeniy Fiks about “The Lenin Museum”
  • by Michael Dola “The Lenin Museum,” an exhibit of works by... Read more

  • OWFI Call to Liberate the Iraqi Women Detained by Daesh
  • Reprinted from the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) On... Read more

  • WW4 Report on Murdered French Journalists, Left & Right Responses
  •  [Note: Reprinted below, with permission, are articles from World War... Read more

    December 2014

  • Audio: Recordings of MHI class on “Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program as New Foundation for Organization”
  •   MHI has just completed an international Skype class entitled “Marx’s... Read more

    November 2014

  • South Africans March with Congolese Refugees Saturday, Die in Shack Fires Sunday
  • Abahlali baseMjondolo joint press statement with the... Read more

  • Call for Iraqi Women Victimized by ISIS
  • by Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) The Islamic State... Read more

  • Study Questions for “Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program as New Foundation for Organization”
  • MHI has begun an international Skype class on “Marx’s Critique of the... Read more

    October 2014

  • Upcoming Class via Skype on “Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program as New Foundation for Organization”
  •   MHI will hold a class series on “Marx’s Critique of the Gotha... Read more

    September 2014

  • The End of the Argentine Fiction
  • by Juan Kornblihtt[1], Razón y Revolución With lower land rent and no... Read more

    July 2014

  • Ukrainian Miners Point to a Powerful Alternative
  • This article is reprinted, with permission and technical corrections, from... Read more

  • Video: MHI discussion on “The Politics of Inequality Discourse”
  • MHI sponsored a public discussion on The Politics of Inequality Discourse... Read more

    June 2014

  • Ray McKay (Raymond Ford), September 1, 1946 – June 24, 2014
  •   In the Brooklyn Museum’s current exhibit, Witness: Art and Civil... Read more

  • Urgent Appeal on the Occupation of Mosul and Cities of Western Iraq
  • On the Occupation of Mosul and the Cities of Western Iraq by Yanar Mohammed... Read more

  • Video: Marxist-Humanist Initiative panels at Left Forum 2014
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative sponsored three panels at Left Forum this year.... Read more

  • Workers, Socialists Struggle for a Different Future for Ukraine
  •   Editor’s Note:  We thank the British group Ukrainian Socialist... Read more

  • Discussion June 23: The Politics of Inequality Discourse
  • OUR VIDEO OF THIS MEETING IS NOW POSTED MHI will sponsor a public discussion... Read more

  • Not So Hospitable Southern Hospitality
  • As a New Jersey transplant who has lived in Florida and Georgia since the... Read more

    May 2014

  • Underestimating Evidence, Capitalists, and Workers: A rejoinder to Sam Gindin
  • [MHI Note: This article originally appeared in New Left Project on May... Read more

  • Foreign Editions of The Failure of Capitalist Production
  • A Greek translation of Andrew Kliman’s 2012 book, The Failure of Capitalist... Read more

  • Clarifying “Secular Stagnation” and the Great Recession
  • [MHI Note: This article originally appeared in New Left Project on March... Read more

  • Are Corporations Really Hogging Workers’ Wages?
  • [MHI Note: This article originally appeared in Truthdig, a progressive... Read more

  • Movie Reviews: Tales of Two Countries
  • Winter of Discontent (El sheita elli fat), Egypt The Act of Killing, Indonesia... Read more

  • On exploitation and profit — response to Robert Paul Wolff
  • Physicalism and the Exploitation Theory of Profit are Incompatible: A Response... Read more

  • “Where Am I? I’m At War”-Eyewitness to May 2 in Odessa, Ukraine
  • by a socialist eye-witness in Odessa Read more  Read More →

    April 2014

  • The End of the Brecht Forum
  • The Brecht Forum, a Left cultural and educational center located in New... Read more

  • South African Poor on ‘Freedom Day’ Mourn 20 Years of Unfreedom
  • 26 April 2014 Abahlali baseMjondolo (Shack Dwellers Movement) press statement We... Read more

  • Left Forum 2014 is May 30, 31 and June 1; Come to MHI’s panels!
  • [Added June 6: VIDEOS OF OUR PANELS WILL BE POSTED SOON!] Marxist-Humanist... Read more

    March 2014

  • Ukraine “Left Opposition” Activist Reports on Maidan Movement
  • [The following speech was made by Zakhar Popovych of the “Left Opposition”... Read more

  • Batay Ouvriye (Haiti) on International Working Women’s Day
  • The Real Meaning of March 8th   Most workers in the world don’t... Read more

  • Ukraine’s “Left Opposition” Calls for Solidarity Against Intervention and Oligarchs
  •                     UKRAINE... Read more

    February 2014

  • Royal Opera House Porters and Cleaners Win “London Living Wage”
  • Press release by IWGB union, Feb. 4, 2014 The Independent Workers Union... Read more

    January 2014

  • Phone-in Reading Group on Dunayevskaya’s “Marxism and Freedom”
  • MHI is starting the year with a contribution toward continuing Raya Dunayevskaya’s... Read more

  • What Lies Ahead: Accelerating Growth or Secular Stagnation?
  • Originally published at e-International Relations, January 24, 2013. Recent... Read more

  • Please help Kenyan children to survive and go to school
  • MHI received the following appeal from Kenya  for donations to help poverty-stricken... Read more

  • Reviews of MHI pamphlet: “Can Income Redistribution Rescue Capitalism?”
  • Reviews of “Can Income Redistribution Rescue Capitalism?: On Monthly... Read more

    December 2013

  • Video: Roundtable on “Can Redistribution Solve Capitalism’s Crises?”
  • A roundtable discussion co-sponsored by Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI)... Read more

    November 2013

  • Debate on Economic Crisis Erupts in the CWI: start of much-needed rethinking on the left?
  • A major dispute over the causes of the latest capitalist economic crisis,... Read more

    October 2013

  • The End of Golden Dawn in Greece
  • Editor’s Note: This essay comes from a presentation by Cognord in... Read more

  • Video: “Can Income Redistribution Rescue Capitalism?”
  • Discussion of New MHI Pamphlet, “Can Income Redistribution Rescue Capitalism?:... Read more

    September 2013

  • Kenya Reels from Mass Shootings at Shopping Mall
  • Nairobi, Kenya residents suffered a terrorist attack that began Sept. 22... Read more

  • South African Police Kill Girl for Supporting Shack Dwellers Movement
  • 30 September 2013 Abahlali BaseMjondolo Press Statement Nqobile Nzuza,... Read more

  • Garment Workers in Bangladesh Revolt over Pay Increase
  • Thousands of Workers Close Factories, Block Highways, Seize Arms   We... Read more

  • Greece: Austerity and Repression Worsen, Syriza Fails to Fight Back
  • by Joce Cognord The Greek government’s debt has surpassed 190% of GDP,... Read more

  • Book Review: Billy Moon by Douglas Lain
  • A Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York, 2013. I enjoyed this book enormously... Read more

  • Post-Work: Zombie Social Democracy with a Human Face?
  • by Andrew Kliman, author of The Failure of Capitalist Production: Underlying... Read more

  • Fast-Food Workers Hold 1-Day Strike Across the U.S.
  • On Aug. 29, fast-food workers in 58 cities around the country refused to... Read more

  • Toronto Hotel Workers Win Strike
  •   MHI reprints the following letter from the United Steelworkers Union... Read more

    August 2013

  • Sept. 16 Discussion: New MHI Pamphlet on Monthly Review School
  • A video of this meeting is now posted at Read more

  • Court Orders N.Y.P.D.’s Racist “Stop-and-Frisk” Practice Curbed
  • One Victory in the Continuing Struggle for Dignity and Equality  Added... Read more

  • Manning Sentenced for Leaking U.S. War-Crimes Documents
  • Private First Class Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison... Read more

  • Book Review: Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital” and The Failure of Capitalist Production by Andrew Kliman
  • Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital”: A Refutation of the Myth of Inconsistency... Read more

    July 2013

  • The Unmaking of Marx’s “Capital”: Heinrich’s Attempt to Eliminate Marx’s Crisis Theory
  • The Unmaking of Marx’s Capital Heinrich’s Attempt to Eliminate... Read more

  • Zimmerman Verdict Upholds License to Kill Black and Latino Men
  •  50 Years after Civil Rights Movement, U.S. Law and Practice Remain Racist... Read more

  • Video: Why Do Popular Movements Vanish? And Do They Have To?
  • MHI held two public discussions in New York City on May 22 and June 26,... Read more

  • Misology, “cultism,” and economic crisis: reply to Paul Demarty
  • Paul Demarty (“Socialist Party/CWI: Rudeness and Revolution, Weekly Worker... Read more

    June 2013

  • Video: MHI-sponsored panels at Left Forum 2013
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative sponsored four events at Left Forum this year.... Read more

  • Show your support for the struggles of Brazilian youth and workers!
  • As you are surely following in the news, the struggle of youth and workers... Read more

  • South African Poor Support Turkish Struggle for Dignity and Equality
  • 10 June 2013 Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA Press Statement “We... Read more

  • International Call for Withdrawal of U.N. troops from Haiti
  • June 1, 2013: International Day to Call for the Withdrawal of MINUSTAH ... Read more

    May 2013

  • MHI-Sponsored Events at Left Forum 2013, June 8 & 9
  • NOTE: A post-conference article containing recordings of the panels appears... Read more

  • Monthly Failure to Review: Even Worse than I Thought
  •   “However like Columbo Kliman usually goes on to say ‘and one... Read more

  • Bruce Wallace’s “Creative Accounting” (further critique of Monthly Review statistics)
  •   Creative Accounting  by Bruce Wallace [Editor’s Note: This... Read more

  • Video: The Incoherence of “Transitional Society”
  • The Incoherence of “Transitional Society” as a Marxian Concept  by... Read more

  • May Day 2013 in Athens–and Around the World
  • by Alex Steiner Athens, May 1–Today the traditional May Day demonstration... Read more

  • European Union Saves Cyprus Banks
  • by Joce Cognord After almost ten days of fierce debates, meetings and counter-meetings,... Read more

    April 2013

  • International Women’s Day 2013
  • This year, International Women’s Day activities highlighted women’s... Read more

  • Boston and West, Texas: Two Disasters, Both Unnatural
  • Six months after the “natural” disaster of Hurricane Sandy, which we... Read more

  • Video: Inequality and the Great Recession
  • We generally don’t post videos of new presentations given by Andrew... Read more

  • More Misused Wage Data from “Monthly Review”: The Overaccumulation of a Surplus of Errors
  • . May 8, 2013: A downloadable PDF of this article, including all graphs... Read more

    March 2013

  • Marx’s Human Nature: Distinguishing Essence from Essentialism
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