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Haitian Workers Fired For Union Activity, Some Win Jobs Back

February 1, 2017 by  

Ed. note: We received the following information about a Haitian garment workers’ struggle from Rapid Response Network (RNN).  MHI has over the years supported Batay Ourviye (BO), the Haitian movement of autonomous textile unions and organizations of peasants, small vendors and neighborhoods.  See articles here and here.

On Jan. 25, 2017, garment workers and SOTA-BO union members at the H&H Textiles factory warned the company they planned to go on strike on Thursday Jan. 26. H&H Textiles is in the Palmiers Free Zone, of the Carrefour subdivision in Port-au-Prince. The company had fired several workers for being known union members and leaders. Management constantly harasses union members, finding minor and arbitrary “wrong-doings” as excuses for disciplinary measures and anti-union firings. Read More

The French Stand Up

June 10, 2016 by  

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by Richard Greeman

Montpellier, May 26, 2016

« We’ve had enough » is the phrase on everyone’s lips as – against all expectations — the wave of strikes, blockades, disruptions and mass demonstrations begun eleven days ago continues to develop throughout France. Indeed, in the past couple of days, two new strategic groups of workers have joined the protest. Technicians at France’s nuclear power plants are now cutting back on production of electricity, and the railroad workers have massively joined the street protests while cutting back on trains. Meanwhile, there are long lines at the gas pumps as petroleum workers continue to blockade France’s major oil refineries. Read More

150,000 Protest in London against Austerity and Corruption

May 9, 2016 by  

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On March 16, about 150,000 people marched in London.  Called by the UK’s People’s Assembly as a protest against Prime Minister David Cameron in the wake of the Panama Papers leaks, it quickly turned into a protest against austerity and support for refugees. The mood was festive and good spirited. Read More