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Cops Surveil Black Lives Matter; U.S. Justice Dept. Abandons All Police Oversight

April 10, 2017 by  

Press release from the Center for Constitutional Rights, NYC

Last week, the Guardian revealed evidence that NYPD [New York Police Dept.] officers had not only surveilled Black Lives Matter organizers in New York City, but infiltrated their meetings and gained access to their text messages. These tactics raise questions about whether the NYPD was violating its own intelligence-gathering rules. (This would not be the first time the NYPD has run afoul of the law; our current case Hassan v. City of New York is another example.) Read More

Why I Voted for the Imperialist Hillary Clinton


by Eddie Goldman
It was just sitting there in its oversized envelope, this absentee ballot I get sent since I decided that my various health problems had made it too difficult for me to navigate these poorly run polling places. And it is quite easy to fill out: Just fill in the circle next to the name of your choice for each office. You can even quite easily write a candidate in, much more easily than at a voting booth, with the last column left blank just for that purpose. It’s all a bit like writing a check and paying a bill by mail, without having to include a check in the return letter, but still having to affix one of those “Forever” stamps.

But of course it is much more than that, supposedly a matter of principle, some would say. Or is it? For me, the vote simply indicates whom you would least likely want to lose the election. And contrary to what others have argued, a vote for someone does not indicate support, or require you not to fight all the crap they will do once in office. As the Marxist Andrew Kliman wrote, “voting isn’t supporting…. This distinction may be a difficult one for the dialectically challenged. But to me, it is straightforward, even obvious.” (Although I am not sure he is right about the actual situation in Utah.)
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Can a McMullin Vote in Utah Help Stop Trump?


by Andrew Kliman


MHI’s editorial on the extraordinary dangers of Donald Trump and Trumpism expressed Marxist-Humanists’ opposition to both Trump and Hillary Clinton, but pointed out that “[t]o falsely equate Trump and Clinton is to ignore the grave threat to our civil liberties and lives that Trump represents.” It urged the “relatively small number [of people] who live in the handful of ‘battleground states’” to

bear firmly in mind that defeating Trump is the crucial immediate task and thus vote in a way that minimizes the chance that he will be elected. This election is not about you. Your vote isn’t an act of self-expression or personal morality.


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