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Trump Rolls Out New ‘Muslim Ban’ and Court Blocks It

March 15, 2017 by  

by Anne Jaclard

Donald Trump’s second “Muslim ban” was to go into effect tomorrow, March 16, but it was just stayed by a federal judge in Hawaii, who considers that its Constitutional violations are substantially the same as the first ban’s legal defects. Hawaii is one of several states that are suing to invalidate the law. The federal court there acted first, and its stay has, at least temporarily, prevented the new law from going into effect throughout the U.S.   Read More

New Yorkers Protest Against Trump’s Attack on Free Press

by Andrew Kliman

Yesterday morning, two days after Donald Trump’s White House barred major media organizations from its daily press briefing, members of Marxist-Humanist Initiative joined hundreds of other protesters in an emergency demonstration for freedom of the press. Protesters gathered at the offices of the New York Times, after which they marched to Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and then back to the Times.

Many demonstrators wore tape across their mouths. The demonstration was called by Get Organized BK!, a Resistance group in Brooklyn.

NYT bldg

photo by Jeremie Battaglia

The protest took place amid Donald Trump’s repeated denunciations of “fake news” media and the “lying press,” calling them the “enemy of the American people.” Steve Bannon, his white-nationalist security adviser, has made similar comments. “Lying press” is a direct translation of lügenpresse, a term used by the Nazi regime in Germany to discredit the news media.
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London Solidarity March Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

February 10, 2017 by  

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By Ralph Keller & Travis Blute

The legal challenges against Trump’s “Muslim ban” have raised major questions of the administration’s failure to follow proper process and their willingness to violate aspects of the constitution in restricting the right of citizens, from seven named countries, to enter the US. The voices from the popular protests against the “Muslim ban” have been very clear that they object to the racist character of Trump’s openly discriminatory and somewhat arbitrary selection of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen as nations whose citizens are a special threat to America.

This London protest against the “Muslim ban”, the fourth major one here against Trump in the fortnight since his inauguration, was very much a judgement on the racist content of this particular executive order. People came out in solidarity not just with Muslims as a targeted group but also linked it to Trump’s promised southern border wall to stop the imagined threats of illegal Mexican rapists and drug-dealers as well as the broader racism he has green-lighted with his statements.

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