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UK’s 2017 General Election: A Crisis for the Political Class

by Stakhanov Russ

“In office, but not in power.” ––Nigel Lawson, ex-Chancellor and senior Conservative

In looking at the United Kingdom’s general election of June 8, I am focussing upon the two major parties, Conservative and Labour, and on the collapse of the third-party, UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party), which had led last year’s “Brexit” campaign to leave the European Union (EU). In a surprising result, the Conservatives won only 42.3% of the vote and suffered a net loss of 13 seats in Parliament, while Labour’s 40.0% vote share enabled it to make a net gain of 30 seats.

This was the closest result in vote share between the two main parties since February 1974, and Labour’s 40% was the highest vote share for an opposition party since 1970. What does this mean for the British ruling class?
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Deadly Fire in London Apartment Building: Underlying Causes


Editors’ note: On Wednesday, June 14, a fire engulfed Grenfell Tower, a high-rise apartment building in West London. As of this writing, 30 residents are known to be dead, 70 are unaccounted for, and dozens sustained injuries. We received the following statement about the fire from the Radical Housing Network, a London-wide network of campaigns fighting for housing justice. It identifies intentional governmental neglect of council housing (known as “public housing” in the U.S.) and contempt for tenants as underlying causes of the tragedy. A similar analysis, by Feargus O’Sullivan, has appeared in The Atlantic.

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Ghosts of the Innocent Victims–what more is there to come?

May 25, 2017 by  

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by Ralph Keller

The pictures of the Manchester attack are shocking, and the suffering of the bereaved is unimaginable. My thoughts and my solidarity are with them.

Manchester’s is the latest incident in a long series of terror attacks: New York, Paris, Berlin, to name but a few. These are Western cities, but bombings have also taken place in Africa, Asia, the Middle East. It is a worldwide phenomenon. It leaves a lot of innocent people dead, regardless of who does it. (An extensive list of terror attacks is available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents. The source includes the number of victims the world-wide terror has claimed.) The Manchester attack points towards the IS (ISIS) network once again.

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