New Yorkers Protest Against Trump’s Attack on Free Press

by Andrew Kliman

Yesterday morning, two days after Donald Trump’s White House barred major media organizations from its daily press briefing, members of Marxist-Humanist Initiative joined hundreds of other protesters in an emergency demonstration for freedom of the press. Protesters gathered at the offices of the New York Times, after which they marched to Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and then back to the Times.

Many demonstrators wore tape across their mouths. The demonstration was called by Get Organized BK!, a Resistance group in Brooklyn.

NYT bldg

photo by Jeremie Battaglia

The protest took place amid Donald Trump’s repeated denunciations of “fake news” media and the “lying press,” calling them the “enemy of the American people.” Steve Bannon, his white-nationalist security adviser, has made similar comments. “Lying press” is a direct translation of lügenpresse, a term used by the Nazi regime in Germany to discredit the news media.
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Mass Opposition to ‘Muslim Ban’ Forces Trump to Comply with Court Stay; Protests Continue across U.S. & World

Saturday, Feb.4—For the ninth day in a row, spontaneous demonstrations against Trump’s “Muslim ban” are going on all over the country, as well as in London, Paris, Jakarta, Australia, and elsewhere. Protests are continuing in spite of a new federal court order issued last night, staying the ban from effectiveness (temporarily). Trump immediately denigrated the judge and constitutional law; it looked like he would not comply with the order, creating a constitutional crisis. But he backed down–the State Department has just re-instated the 60,000 visas that it had revoked when the ban was issued. That has not stopped the protests from growing. Read More

Instant mass protests against Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ sweep country

January 29, 2017 by  


The U.S. erupted again on Saturday, January 28, just a week after the unprecedented Women’s Marches brought together millions in opposition to Trump’s policies. In instant and massive revulsion against Trump’s suddenly-imposed “Muslim ban,” forbidding entry into the U.S. by people from seven predominantly-Muslim countries, thousands of Americans came out to protest the next day at airports from coast to coast. Their signs welcomed the refugees, immigrants and visitors who had boarded airplanes legally with visas, only to be detained when they arrived. Also banned were all refugees, for a period of four months. Read More

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