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  • Audio: Libertarian and Marxist-Humanist Debate Freedom
  •   As we previously announced, libertarian economist Per Bylund and... Read more

  • A View from Slovenia: Employee-owned companies and left-wing organization
  • by Tibor Malinovič, »Iskra« student society, Slovenia The article is... Read more

  • Audio: MHI discusses state-capitalism & the nature of Soviet Union
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) held a discussion Jan. 23 on state-capitalism,... Read more


  • Livestream Course on Marx’s Capital
  •   Reading Capital Closely: Livestream Course on Volume 1   During... Read more

  • On the Relevance of Marx’s Capital for Today
  • by Andrew Kliman [MHI note: This is the English version of Kliman’s... Read more


  • Post-Work: Zombie Social Democracy with a Human Face?
  • by Andrew Kliman, author of The Failure of Capitalist Production: Underlying... Read more

  • Video: The Incoherence of “Transitional Society”
  • The Incoherence of “Transitional Society” as a Marxian Concept  by... Read more

  • Two Peas in a Pod: Lapavitsas & Husson on the Eurozone Crisis
  • Editor’s Note: “Two Peas in a Pod” is the English version of... Read more

  • Marx’s Critique of Socialist Labor-Money Schemes and the Myth of Council Communism’s Proudhonism
  • by David Adam Some left theorists have claimed that the council communist... Read more


  • A Reply to Critics of “The Make-Believe World of David Graeber”
  • Andrew Kliman A number of people, including David Graeber, have claimed... Read more

  • Audio: On MHI’s “FAQs” on Occupy Movement & Marxist-Humanism
  • Below is a recording of MHI’s May 9, 2012 public meeting in New York... Read more

  • The Make-Believe World of David Graeber
  • [The version of the article below, posted on April 15 and further corrected... Read more

  • Audio: MHI’s Discussion with OWS Activists and Thinkers
  • “6 Months of Occupy Wall Street: Time for Theoretical & Practical... Read more


  • Wolff on Wall Street
  • by Seth Weiss Richard Wolff, an economics professor who taught for many... Read more

  • Audio: Doug Lain interview with Andrew Kliman on his “Alternatives to Capitalism: What happens after the revolution?”
  • Number 99 in Doug Lain series of Diet Soap podcasts is an interview with... Read more

  • Video: “Is an Emancipatory Communism Possible?”
  • [Added Jan. 19, 2014: Blip has deleted this and countless other videos.... Read more

  • Video: “Is Socialism Possible?” (Panels I & II) at the 2011 Left Forum
  • Is Socialism Possible? (Panel I) click here Recorded March 19, 2011 at... Read more

  • 4/13 (NYC): “Is an Emancipatory Communism Possible?” A talk by Allan Armstrong
  • Is an Emancipatory Communism Possible? A talk by Allan Armstrong Wednesday,... Read more


  • Video: Panel on the “Future of World Capitalism” Book Series
  • A video recording of a panel at the 2010 Left Forum at Pace University... Read more

  • Dialogue on Alternatives to Capitalism
  • MHI is proud to initiate a section of our new publication entitled “Alternatives... Read more

  • Karl Marx & the State
  • By David Adam. In April 1917, the Russian anarchist Voline met Leon Trotsky... Read more

  • What Must be Changed in order to Transcend Capitalism
  • A forum organized by The Commune and Marxist-Humanist Initiative was held... Read more

  • Transcending Capitalism: London forum organized by The Commune and MHI
  • What must be changed in order to transcend capitalism? Joint Forum organized... Read more

  • MHI Invites Anarchists to Debate
  • MHI issued the following invitation to anarchists to debate on April 17... Read more

  • 21st Century Capitalism: On Venezuela’s Nationalization of the Oil Industry
  • By Fernando Dachevsky, Grupo de Investigación de la Historia Económica... Read more


  • Audio: Nov. 4 Talk on Swedish “Socialism”
  • On November 4th, 2009 the Marxist-Humanist Initiative and the New SPACE... Read more

  • Nov. 4 talk: “Swedish ‘Socialism’: Not what it used to be, but then again it never was”
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative and the New SPACE (New School for Pluralistic... Read more

  • Let’s Get Real
  • By Andrew Kliman. A correspondent from Canada has asked whether I think... Read more

  • On “New Passions and New Forces”: Marxist-Humanism’s Break from both Spontaneism and Vanguardism
  • By Andrew Kliman. In a April 18, 1976 piece, “Our Original Contribution... Read more

  • Marx’s Marxism or Undifferentiated Totality? A further reply to Chris Cutrone
  • By Andrew Kliman. “[T]he existing society isn’t just capital.” — Andrew... Read more

  • Critical Thoughts on Critical Theory
  • Critical Thoughts on Critical Theory: A Reexamination of the Holistic Critique... Read more

  • Left Forum 2009: “Concretizing Marx’s Alternative to Capitalism”
  • The Marxist-Humanist Initiative, along with the New SPACE, sponsored the... Read more

  • Rasmussen asked, “Which is a better system – capitalism or socialism?”
  • By Andrew Kliman. A Rasmussen poll conducted earlier this month found strong... Read more

  • Theorizing Women’s Liberation Before, During, and After the Revolution
  • A talk by Anne Jaclard at the Anarchist Book Fair, New York City, April... Read more

  • Marx, Proudhon, and Alternatives to Capital
  • By Seth Weiss. Marx’s critical dialogue with the work of the French... Read more