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  • Audio: Interview with MHI on the Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism
  • In our August 29 editorial, MHI warned about the extraordinary dangers... Read more


  • Audio: Recordings of MHI class on “Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program as New Foundation for Organization”
  •   MHI has just completed an international Skype class entitled “Marx’s... Read more

  • Video: MHI discussion on “The Politics of Inequality Discourse”
  • MHI sponsored a public discussion on The Politics of Inequality Discourse... Read more

  • Video: Marxist-Humanist Initiative panels at Left Forum 2014
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative sponsored three panels at Left Forum this year.... Read more


  • Video: Roundtable on “Can Redistribution Solve Capitalism’s Crises?”
  • A roundtable discussion co-sponsored by Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI)... Read more

  • Video: Why Do Popular Movements Vanish? And Do They Have To?
  • MHI held two public discussions in New York City on May 22 and June 26,... Read more

  • Video: MHI-sponsored panels at Left Forum 2013
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative sponsored four events at Left Forum this year.... Read more

  • Video: The Incoherence of “Transitional Society”
  • The Incoherence of “Transitional Society” as a Marxian Concept  by... Read more

  • Video: Inequality and the Great Recession
  • We generally don’t post videos of new presentations given by Andrew... Read more

  • Video: “Radical Interpretations of the Present Crisis”
  • On November 14, 2012, Platypus Affiliated Society sponsored a panel entitled... Read more

  • Audio: The Impasse in Movements for Social Change and the Need for “Organization of Thought”
  • MHI held a public meeting by telephone conferencing on January 23, 2013,... Read more


  • Video: Cambridge Union Debates Whether Capitalism Has Failed
  • On Oct. 4, the Cambridge Union Society at Cambridge University in England... Read more

  • Video: “Why Trickle-Up Economics Won’t Work”
  • The “Crisis of Distribution” Myth and its Political Implications — MHI... Read more

  • Audio: Is it True that “People Are Not Ready for Socialism”?
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative held a public discussion around this question... Read more

  • Audio: On MHI’s “FAQs” on Occupy Movement & Marxist-Humanism
  • Below is a recording of MHI’s May 9, 2012 public meeting in New York... Read more

  • Audio: MHI’s Discussion with OWS Activists and Thinkers
  • “6 Months of Occupy Wall Street: Time for Theoretical & Practical... Read more

  • Video: MHI Panels at Left Forum 2012 on Harvey’s and Kliman’s Books
  • MHI sponsored two panels at the Left Forum, held in New York City at Pace... Read more

  • Video: “The Failure of Capitalist Production” at Bluestockings
  • Andrew Kliman gave the first public talk in New York City on his new book,... Read more


  • Audio: Doug Lain interview with Andrew Kliman on his “Alternatives to Capitalism: What happens after the revolution?”
  • Number 99 in Doug Lain series of Diet Soap podcasts is an interview with... Read more

  • Video: “Marx’s Capital and the Economic Crisis”
  • A video recording of the panel “Marx’s Capital and the Economic... Read more

  • Audio: Kliman on “The ‘Stagnant Pay’ Myth & Capitalist Production”
  • Geoffrey McDonald and Andrew Kliman gave presentations during the “Dimensions... Read more

  • Video: “Is an Emancipatory Communism Possible?”
  • [Added Jan. 19, 2014: Blip has deleted this and countless other videos.... Read more

  • Video: “Crisis, Austerity, and Resistance in the Euro Zone: A View from Finland”
  • Crisis, Austerity, and Resistance in the Euro Zone: A View from Finland A... Read more

  • Video: “The Great Recession & Its Aftermath” at the 2011 Left Forum
  • The Great Recession & Its Aftermath click here Recorded March 19, 2011... Read more

  • Video: “Is Socialism Possible?” (Panels I & II) at the 2011 Left Forum
  • Is Socialism Possible? (Panel I) click here Recorded March 19, 2011 at... Read more


  • Video: Panel on the “Future of World Capitalism” Book Series
  • A video recording of a panel at the 2010 Left Forum at Pace University... Read more

  • Video: “Economics & Politics of the Current Crisis” @ the Left Forum
  • A video recording of a panel, “Economics & Politics of the Current... Read more

  • Audio: “Roots of the Economic Crisis” @ Historical Materialism 2010 in NYC
  • On January 15th, Andrew Kliman gave a talk on the “Roots of the Economic... Read more


  • Video: “Temporal Value Theory at a Moment of Capitalist Crisis”
  • The Marxist-Humanist Initiative sponsored and participated in several panels... Read more

  • Audio: Nov. 4 Talk on Swedish “Socialism”
  • On November 4th, 2009 the Marxist-Humanist Initiative and the New SPACE... Read more

  • Audio: “Building Solidarity with Iraq’s Civil Resistance” at the 2009 Left Forum
  • The National Organization for the Iraqi Freedom Struggles (on the web at NO-IFS)... Read more