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North Korea and US Threaten Nuclear War: an MHI Statement

Last week, North Korea tested missiles in international waters around the US protectorate of Guam, following its several recent successful tests of intercontinental-range missiles. The North Korean government has long publicly declared its intention to develop a nuclear bomb and delivery system capable of striking the US mainland; what is new is that it is now close to having both. The bravado of its dictator, Kim Jong-un, cannot be dismissed, especially when his threat is made to the madman in the White House.

US president Donald Trump responded with the warning that “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” He was saying in effect that he will nuke North Korea if it keeps using threatening language or if it takes any military action against Guam or the US allies in the region.

Even Trump’s cabinet and aides were shocked by his seemingly off-the-cuff threat to use nukes. There is in fact an increased chance under Trump of having a nuclear confrontation. His immediate response to being questioned about whether his “fire and fury” remark was going too far, was to insist that it might not have gone far enough.

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Terror Attacks We Don’t Hear Much About


Ed. note: MHI deplores and condemns terror attacks everywhere. In the U.S., we don’t hear much news about those that are outside Western Europe. So we are re-printing reports from Afghanistan and Iran below.

From Women for Afghan Women

Mourning Victims of Terror, Everywhere


Stop Terror

Last Friday, after the May 31st terror attack in Kabul, Women for Afghan Women’s Executive Director, Manizha Naderi, reached out to staff in Afghanistan and in the United States, saying:

We are all devastated and horrified by this merciless attack and this senseless loss of life. The fact that no one from WAW’s headquarters and centers in Kabul was killed or hurt is almost a miracle; but, all those innocent lives lost and the hundreds of wounded remain outside the realm of human comprehension. The fact that it is Ramadan makes it even more sickening. These people are out to destroy Afghanistan and all the progress we have made as women, as a people, and as a country. But, they will not win. We must remain strong for our clients and we, as a people, must not cower to these criminals.

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Commentary from Sweden: The Left Spreads the Right’s Hatred

by Martin Klepke

Originally published in Expressen (May 10, 2017, at 2:18 pm) as “Vänstern sprider högerns hat.” Translated by Erik Olofsson.

Martin Klepke

Martin Klepke


An unpleasant consensus has emerged between right-wing populism and totalitarian tendencies within the far left. A populist left is even about to take over the extreme right’s ideas about Jewish falsification of history, writes Martin Klepke.

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