Episode 1: Obama-Trump Voters

Why did some Obama voters flip to Trump in 2016? Some have argued that Obama-Trump voters were motivated by anti-neoliberal sentiment and that therefore the left should pander to the interests of this “forgotten white working class.” However, evidence suggest that this claim of the anti-neoliberal Obama-Trump voter is not accurate. In this episode we get to the bottom of the mystery of the Obama-Trump voter. We will be discussing Andrew Kliman’s recent work analyzing Obama-Trump voters, contrasting his findings with the thinking of much of the mainstream left.

In this episode we also take a moment to discuss some of the current issues surrounding Trump’s increasingly brutal war on immigrants and refugees.

The two essays mentioned in this episode are both available here:

Which Obama Voters “Flipped” to Trump? Which Did Not? Why?

Obama-Trump Voters: Rebelling Against Neoliberalism or Embracing Racism, Misogyny, and Authoritarianism?

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