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  • Haitian Workers Brutally Attacked. ACT NOW.
  •   Editor’s note: The following appeal for messages of support for... Read more

  • H&H Workers in Haiti Go Back to Work on Their Terms
  •   Editor’s note: We are pleased to announce that the garment workers... Read more

  • South African Movement Battles ANC for Housing, Land, Freedom to Protest
  •   Bhambayi Protests – The Rule of Lies Continues to Tear Apart... Read more

  • Haitian Workers Fired For Union Activity, Some Win Jobs Back
  • Ed. note: We received the following information about a Haitian garment... Read more


  • The French Stand Up
  • by Richard Greeman Montpellier, May 26, 2016 « We’ve had enough »... Read more

  • 150,000 Protest in London against Austerity and Corruption
  • On March 16, about 150,000 people marched in London.  Called by the UK’s... Read more


  • Workers in Haiti take the streets and launch wildcat strikes
  • A report from the Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network Hundreds of workers... Read more


  • South Africans March with Congolese Refugees Saturday, Die in Shack Fires Sunday
  • Abahlali baseMjondolo joint press statement with the... Read more

  • South African Poor on ‘Freedom Day’ Mourn 20 Years of Unfreedom
  • 26 April 2014 Abahlali baseMjondolo (Shack Dwellers Movement) press statement We... Read more

  • Batay Ouvriye (Haiti) on International Working Women’s Day
  • The Real Meaning of March 8th   Most workers in the world don’t... Read more


  • Garment Workers in Bangladesh Revolt over Pay Increase
  • Thousands of Workers Close Factories, Block Highways, Seize Arms   We... Read more

  • Show your support for the struggles of Brazilian youth and workers!
  • As you are surely following in the news, the struggle of youth and workers... Read more

  • South African Poor Support Turkish Struggle for Dignity and Equality
  • 10 June 2013 Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA Press Statement “We... Read more

  • May Day 2013 in Athens–and Around the World
  • by Alex Steiner Athens, May 1–Today the traditional May Day demonstration... Read more

  • West Papua Struggles for Self-Determination, Challenging Indonesia’s Brutal Repression
  • Meeting with Benny Wenda, a Leader of the Independence Movement, Recalls... Read more


  • South Africa: Documentary Films and a Play
  • by Your Culture Critic Bring Dear Mandela to Your City! Dear Mandela This... Read more

  • Help Support May Day 2012 in Haiti!
  • BATAY OUVRIYE Help Support May Day 2012 in Haiti! [Note added May 15, 2012: ... Read more

  • Women’s March Deepens Egypt’s Continuing Revolution
  • by Samah Selim The huge December 20 women’s demonstration against Egypt’s... Read more

  • Oppose Both U.S. and Iranian Governments!
  • MHI members in New York joined a Feb. 4 rally and march against U.S. sanctions... Read more


  • “What is the Future for the Youth of South Africa?”
  • Ed. Note:  We received this press release from the Abahlali baseMjondolo... Read more

  • Libya and the Left
  • This article represents a minority position within MHI. For MHI’s... Read more

  • Nawal El Saadawi on “Women, Egypt, and Revolution”
  • Nawal El Saadawi, the world-renowned Egyptian socialist-feminist, author,... Read more

  • International Women’s Day 2011: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Ukraine, Peru
  • It was great to see so many women’s celebrations and protests on and... Read more

  • Iranian Students Call for Mass Demonstration in Tehran to Support Egyptian People
  • Ed. Note:  We received the following call from the Union for Advancement... Read more

  • MHI hails drive for freedom & democracy in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen
  • MHI supports the widespread aspirations of the masses throughout the Middle... Read more


  • Haitians Struggle against Continued Occupation amidst Earthquake’s Devastation
  • By Anne Jaclard. July 28 marked the 95th anniversary of the start of the... Read more


  • Iraqi Women Still Fighting for Freedom and Equality
  • By Anne Jaclard. Exclusive interview by MHI with Yanar Mohammed, president... Read more

  • Letters on Afghanistan election: “the people are betrayed”
  • By Anne Jaclard. Two letters from Afghanistan on today’s election –... Read more

  • July 25 Demonstrations in 110 Cities Support Iranian Protests
  • July 25 was a “Global Day of Action for Iran” that saw demonstrations... Read more

  • Street Battles in Tehran
  • According to a post on the English-language website of the Worker-communist... Read more

  • Support the Iranian Masses; Workers Call for a Global Day of Action June 26
  • The brave Iranians demonstrating against the ruling regime deserve our... Read more

  • Left Forum 2009: Politics of the Contemporary Student Left
  • Panel presentation at Left Forum 2009: “Turning Points,” Pace University,... Read more

  • Audio: “Building Solidarity with Iraq’s Civil Resistance” at the 2009 Left Forum
  • The National Organization for the Iraqi Freedom Struggles (on the web at NO-IFS)... Read more

  • Theorizing Women’s Liberation Before, During, and After the Revolution
  • A talk by Anne Jaclard at the Anarchist Book Fair, New York City, April... Read more