• Episode 4: Green New Deal—Interview with Brendan Cooney

    Andrew interviews Brendan about the GND, both as environmental policy and as politics of left economic populism. The interview includes a discussion of Brendan’s provocative call for “More Green, Less New Deal,” and much more.

    Plus, current-events segment: what Jacobin isn’t quite saying any longer about “white working class” Trump voters.

    Radio Free Humanity is co-hosted by Brendan Cooney and Andrew Kliman, and sponsored by Marxist-Humanist Initiative (https://www.marxisthumanistinitiative.org/ ). [...]



Radio Free Humanity is a podcast covering news, politics and philosophy from a Marxist-Humanist perspective. It is co-hosted by Brendan Cooney and Andrew Kliman. We intend to release new episodes every two weeks. Radio Free Humanity is sponsored by MHI, but the views expressed by the co-hosts and guests of Radio Free Humanity are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of MHI.


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