• Ep. 77: Capitalist Exploitation—G. A. Cohen & Ben Burgis vs. Karl Marx

    The co-hosts discuss Andrew’s article, “Karl Marx Systematically Exploited by Ben Burgis: Marx’s Exploitation Theory vs. G. A. Cohen’s ‘Plain Argument.’” Andrew likens Burgis’ “theoretical appropriation” of Marx’s exploitation theory to cultural appropriation. Brendan and Andrew then discuss a variety of topics, including problems with Burgis’ formulation of exploitation in terms of “capitalists’ control of part of the product”; how exploitation differs from injustice and oppression, and why the difference matters; Cohen’s and Burgis’ critiques of Marx’s value theory; and what’s wrong with Cohen’s “Plain Argument” that capitalists exploit workers, why it goes wrong, and why Burgis embraces it.

    Current-events segment: Current-events segment: Ukrainians’ military victories deliver blow to Putin’s ideological control inside Russia.

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September 24, 2019