MHI Editorial Archive


  • Will We Allow Trump to Get Away with Fomenting White Supremacy and Racist Violence?
  •   A controversy is raging in the United States, and internationally,... Read more

  • Gigantic Resistance Emerging Against Trumpism begins to make America GREAT again
  •   Millions march to stop Trump; women lead in self-mobilization   See... Read more


  • The Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism
  • [Note added Nov. 16, 2016: see also our post-election Statement in Featured... Read more

  • Orlando nightclub massacre and the depth of homophobia
  • We mourn the 49 lives cut short in the June 12 massacre of lesbian, gay,... Read more

  • MHI launches activity in UK; two meetings in March
  •  VIDEOS OF THESE MEETINGS ARE NOW HERE [added May 5, 2016]. MHI is proud... Read more


  • LGBTQ movement wins marriage rights, but hard fights lie ahead
  • On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court, in in a rare act of support for people... Read more


  • Ray McKay (Raymond Ford), September 1, 1946 – June 24, 2014
  •   In the Brooklyn Museum’s current exhibit, Witness: Art and Civil... Read more

  • The End of the Brecht Forum
  • The Brecht Forum, a Left cultural and educational center located in New... Read more


  • Debate on Economic Crisis Erupts in the CWI: start of much-needed rethinking on the left?
  • A major dispute over the causes of the latest capitalist economic crisis,... Read more

  • Zimmerman Verdict Upholds License to Kill Black and Latino Men
  •  50 Years after Civil Rights Movement, U.S. Law and Practice Remain Racist... Read more

  • Boston and West, Texas: Two Disasters, Both Unnatural
  • Six months after the “natural” disaster of Hurricane Sandy, which we... Read more


  • Worst Ever “Natural” Disaster Hits New York
  • Is This All of Our Futures? It feels strange to have a devastating hurricane... Read more

  • Political Turmoil and Economic Crisis
  • François Hollande, elected to the presidency of France on May 6, was... Read more


  • 4 Years After Crisis Began, New Ideas and New Revolts
  • Book exposes falling rate of profit while protests threaten economic-political... Read more

  • Beware of Left Anti-Semitism
  • Jew-Hatred Appears in Conspiracy Theories, Anti-Americanism, Lesser-Evilism,... Read more

  • Support Libyan Rebels While Opposing U.S./NATO Intervention
  • MHI here discusses the reasons for its opposition to the U.S./NATO bombing... Read more

  • MHI Editorial: Japan Suffers Triple Disaster, World Holds its Breath: What Should Humans Build?
  • Our condolences go to the Japanese people, whose death toll from so-called... Read more

  • MHI Editorial: Public Employees Under Attack: Support Workers Fighting Austerity but Get Real About Capitalism
  • The recent economic crisis and continuing recession-like economy have rendered... Read more


  • MHI Editorial: We Protest, We Condemn
  • NYC demonstration at the Federal Building against the FBI raids, Sept.... Read more

  • MHI Editorial: Welcome to With Sober Senses
  • Welcome to With Sober Senses, the new on-line publication of Marxist-Humanist... Read more