Our Policy on Comments

MHI encourages comments on our articles.  All comments are reviewed prior to publication. No comments will be published that are

(1) racist, sexist, heterosexist, or that
(2) otherwise demean any oppressed nation, people, or ethnic group, or that
(3) engage in ad hominem critique (including but not limited to ad hominem attack), or that
(4) are diversionary, i.e., that serve to change the subject [and thereby hinder efforts to clarify and resolve the issues being debated], or
(5) ones that are unintelligible, i.e., may contain some buzz word from the article but make no sense and are probably spam, or
(6) ones with high probability of being spam for other reasons, such as it having little relation to the article or the source is an advertiser;
(7) ones from a person whose previous comment on this article or another one we have already published and whose new comment is almost identical  in content;
(8) ones from fake e-mail addresses; or
(9) ones from people who have violated (1)-(3) previously on our site or elsewhere, and are clearly meant to harass us.

August 11, 2013