MHI to hold first Annual Conference

The Marxist-Humanist Initiative will hold its first Annual Conference in New York over a weekend in September. Below is the agenda. Attendance is limited to members and Supporters, and others by invitation. See our By-Laws for more information about the Annual Conference. Anyone wishing to attend should write us at

1. “Marxist-Humanists with principles”
We’ll review and clarify our April Statement of Principles, discussing questions about their meaning, our purpose, and how to concretize them in light of current realities. We’ll review our progress so far and measure how we are living up to the Principles in organizational practice. Time allotted: ½ day.

2. “The future of Marxist-Humanism hangs in the balance”
We’ll discuss a draft of a new public statement with a view to finalizing and approving it. The statement will project the need for all those who care about the continuation and development of Marxist-Humanism organizationally to ally with our effort in order to overcome the dangers facing Marxist-Humanism’s future. Time allotted: ½ day.

3. “Looking at the MHI with sober senses”
Further discussion of our progress or lack thereof since our founding, including our website, publication, series on the economic crisis, outreach, and political and philosophic work. Ideas and plans for moving forward. Also finances and fund-raising, and holding elections for offices. Time allotted: 1 day.

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