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  • Against Left Economic Populism
  •   by Brendan Cooney   The rise of Trumpism, and the global rise... Read more

  • Trump, Le Pen, Neoliberalism: Mea Culpa from a Far-Left Sanders Supporter
  •   by Prestyr John   Mea Culpa: I have been following Andrew... Read more

  • No Normalization of or Collaboration with Trumpism: An Open Letter to Platypus
  •   by Andrew Kliman   To the Platypus Affiliated Society: I decline... Read more

  • Marches for Science turn Earth Day into Truth Day
  • by Anne Jaclard and friends April 22 was Earth Day, an annual event since... Read more

  • Holocaust Survivor Confronts Trump’s Immigration Enforcer
  •   On the Banality of “Populist” Evil by Andrew Kliman At a public... Read more

  • The Resistance Sends Trump-Ryan Obamacare Replacement to Humiliating Defeat
  •     by Andrew Kliman and Anne Jaclard   Donald “The Art... Read more

  • Trump Rolls Out New ‘Muslim Ban’ and Court Blocks It
  • by Anne Jaclard Donald Trump’s second “Muslim ban” was to go into... Read more

  • New Yorkers Protest Against Trump’s Attack on Free Press
  • by Andrew Kliman Yesterday morning, two days after Donald Trump’s White... Read more

  • London Solidarity March Against Trump’s Muslim Ban
  • By Ralph Keller & Travis Blute The legal challenges against Trump’s... Read more

  • Mass Opposition to ‘Muslim Ban’ Forces Trump to Comply with Court Stay; Protests Continue across U.S. & World
  • Saturday, Feb.4—For the ninth day in a row, spontaneous demonstrations... Read more

  • Philadelphia and Other Sanctuary Cities Defiant in Face of Trump’s Threat
  • by K On January 25, a day before his first visit to Philadelphia, President... Read more

  • Instant mass protests against Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ sweep country
  •   The U.S. erupted again on Saturday, January 28, just a week after... Read more


  • New Yorkers March for Immigrant Rights at U.N.
  • Immigrants in New York City demonstrated on Dec. 18  against Trump’s... Read more

  • Audio: Interview with MHI on the Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism
  • In our August 29 editorial, MHI warned about the extraordinary dangers... Read more

  • Oregon anti-Trump Protests: A Participant’s View
  •   by Oregon college student When Trump won the election, I was down... Read more

  • Jews Fight Back Against Bannon, Show Solidarity with Other Targets of Trumpism
  • by MHI participants On November 20, about 1000 Jews and others participated... Read more

  • MHI Statement on Fighting Trump & Trumpism
  •   Nov. 15–Tens of millions of Americans–and people throughout... Read more

  • The Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism
  • [Note added Nov. 16, 2016: see also our post-election Statement in Featured... Read more