MHI public meetings in London Sept. 11 and Stockholm Sept. 14


Marxist-Humanist Initiative will sponsor a discussion on “The Economic Crisis and the Rise of the Xenophobic Right” on Sunday, 11 September, at 4.00 pm in Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LT.

The speakers will be Andrew Kliman of MHI, Moshe Machover of the Socialist Organisation in Israel (Matzpen), Joseph Choonara of the UK’s Socialist Workers Party, and Ravi Bali, a housing activist.

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Video: MHI discussion on “The Politics of Inequality Discourse”

MHI sponsored a public discussion on The Politics of Inequality Discourse on June 23, 2014 in New York City.  Read More

Marx’s Critique of Socialist Labor-Money Schemes and the Myth of Council Communism’s Proudhonism

by David Adam

Some left theorists have claimed that the council communist tradition actually advocated a self-managed capitalist economy, rather than a truly communist one. This essay aims to expose and dismantle that myth by examining some writings of council communists, particularly those of the Dutch Group of International Communists and Anton Pannekoek, and comparing them with Karl Marx’s own writings on post-capitalist labor-time accounting. Through this process, I hope to show that the myth about council communism is fundamentally based on a misrepresentation of Marx’s stance on these issues. In order to understand the similarities and revolutionary perspectives of Marx’s and the council communists’ analyses, it is necessary to dispel the myths about Marx’s own views, and to emphasize his distinction between measurement of labor under capitalism by “value,” and measurement of socialist “directly social labor” by time. Accordingly, much of the essay will focus on Marx. Read More

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