Audio: Interview with MHI on the Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism

In our August 29 editorial, MHI warned about the extraordinary dangers of Donald Trump and Trumpism. Recalling this editorial when Trump was elected president, representatives of a left-wing German radio project, Freies Sender Kombinat, reached out to us to discuss it.

The hour-long interview (in English, except for a short introduction) was conducted via Skype on November 10, and uploaded as a podcast on November 22. Anne Jaclard and Andrew Kliman spoke on behalf of MHI. Unfortunately, the podcast includes audio feedback; although it is somewhat annoying, the discussion is intelligible throughout. Read More

Jews Fight Back Against Bannon, Show Solidarity with Other Targets of Trumpism

by MHI participants

On November 20, about 1000 Jews and others participated in a “Jewish Resistance” protest to condemn the right-wing Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) for inviting Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s “chief strategist, to speak at its annual gala in New York City. We also demanded the firing of Bannon, who is a notorious anti-Semite, racist, white nationalist, conspiracy theorist, and enabler of the “alt-right” at Breitbart News, which he headed until recently.

We seem to have succeeded in driving Bannon away. He was a no-show!

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MHI Statement on Fighting Trump & Trumpism


Nov. 15–Tens of millions of Americans–and people throughout the world–are rightly terrified of what awaits us under President-elect Donald J. Trump, and they have begun to fight back.

Our August editorial, “The Extraordinary Dangers of Trump and Trumpism,” warned of the dangers that lie ahead. We urge you to study it again, as preparation for confronting the future. To hear more about our views, you can listen to an in-depth post-election interview with Anne Jaclard and Andrew Kliman by a left-wing German radio project, Freies Sender Kombinat, which remembered our editorial and reached out to discuss it with us. We expect the English version of the podcast shortly and will post it in our publication. [Editor’s note, Nov. 24, 2016: the link to the hour-long podcast is now posted here.]


The whole world has been turned upside down. We protest without a semblance of normalcy in our lives.

Today was the seventh straight day and night of anti-Trump protests in cities and college campuses. Through Sunday, there were at least 193 different protests across the U.S., plus more overseas. In New York City, we march to Trump Tower, the new seat of government; tens of thousands gather outside to shout and cry.

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