Audio: Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx

by Andrew Kliman

I have just written a full-length essay, “Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx,” on how to deal with the threat of Trumpism and similar manifestations of white nationalism. If you’d like to read the complete text, please click here.

On September 24, I gave a presentation, based on an abbreviated version of the essay, to an international meeting of Marxist-Humanist Initiative. Members, supporters, and invited guests from the US, England, Scotland, and Sweden attended by Skype. If you’d like to listen to the audio recording of my presentation, please click here.

The following is the abstract of the essay: Read More

The UK Left after Brexit: Free Movement and the Unions

by Thomas Fagan

Unite the Union

The issue of free movement of European Union (EU) workers is an incredibly important issue on the Left and in the trade unions in particular. Unite the Union (commonly known as “Unite”)––which is the biggest union in Britain, with 1.42 million members across many industries––has just concluded a brutal election. The candidate of the Right, Gerard Coyne, with the backing of reviled tabloids like the Sun, came within 5,000 votes of defeating the Left incumbent, Len McCluskey. The other Left candidate, Ian Allinson, put in a very decent showing, receiving over 17,000 votes with almost no resources.

Allinson’s position on free movement of EU labour was in stark contrast to that of McCluskey and Coyne. Allinson’s position on free movement was unequivocal: “The question of workers’ rights to move freely and be treated equally is not going away. While the two establishment candidates in the Unite General Secretary election fudge and backslide on it, I have made it an important theme of my campaign.” Allinson in fact moved a resolution at the Unite Conference defending free movement.

Coyne’s position on free movement was bordering on the xenophobic: “Britain’s working classes have been betrayed so rich establishment figures can hire cheap nannies and butlers.”

The position of Len McCluskey is the most interesting of the three candidates, as he positions himself on the Left and had indeed received the backing of most of the traditional Left in this election. The irony of McCluskey’s Left populism, however, is that it’s not that popular after all, given the closeness of his victory and an extreme right-wing candidate failing to win by a whisker. Read More

Should the UK leave the European Union? Differing Ideas about the Coming Vote

Editors’ Note: MHI, which takes no position on this question, publishes here two detailed analyses of the case for remaining in the European Union (EU), the case for leaving it–known as Brexitand the reasons for turning your attention to other issues. The UK will vote on whether to leave on June 23.

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