Book Review: Billy Moon by Douglas Lain

A Tom Doherty Associates Book, New York, 2013.

I enjoyed this book enormously due to its plot, which centers on the French revolt of May 1968, and its many expressions of ideas that shaped my generation of radicals. This is Doug Lain’s first novel, and he has done a wonderful job of weaving many of the theoretical tendencies of that day and today, some of which he discusses regularly in his podcasts (, into a fast-moving, funny, sly story. Read More

Video: Why Do Popular Movements Vanish? And Do They Have To?

MHI held two public discussions in New York City on May 22 and June 26, 2013. The meetings explored the recent history of failed revolts, the questions they raise, and the organizational challenges they pose to the movements and the left. Read More

Audio: Is it True that “People Are Not Ready for Socialism”?

Marxist-Humanist Initiative held a public discussion around this question in New York City on July 19, 2012. An audio recording of the meeting is below. Read More

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