Video: MHI-sponsored Panel on Confronting “Anti-Neoliberal Left” Collaboration with Trumpism and the Far Right

Marxist-Humanist Initiative is unflinchingly opposed to Trumpism and the far right in all their manifestations. We have dedicated ourselves to protesting the heel coming down on our necks, and also to calling out those segments of the so-called left that continue to seek accommodation with Trumpism in any way.

As part of this effort, we sponsored and participated in a panel–Confronting “Anti-Neoliberal Left” Collaboration with Trumpism and the Far Right–at the Left Forum this past Sunday. The Left Forum, held in New York City, is the largest conference of left academics and activists in the U.S.

To allow members of the public who did not attend the panel to benefit from the presentations given by MHI and invited panelists, and from the lively and informative discussion that followed, we decided to produce the following video and make it available free of charge. Given our organization’s limited resources, however, donations to help fund our efforts are urgently needed, now more than ever. As we wrote last August, “The left needs once again to stand for freedom and human rights for all.”

The video begins with a welcome and introduction by Anne Jaclard, Organizational Secretary of MHI. Her remarks are followed by five presentations, as listed below. The first talk was via Skype; your sound may need to be turned up to hear it well. We are also publishing the texts and slides that accompany some of the presentations, below the video.

Ravi Bali, London housing activist

  • What to Avoid in our Criticism of Liberalism

Anne Jaclard, Marxist-Humanist Initiative, activist

  • A New Feminism Infuses the Resistance

Bill Weinberg, journalist, author, activist, blogs world news at

  • Is Trump Really a Fascist?

Brendan Cooney, blogs about Marx at

  • Should the Left Put Forward its Own Populism?

Andrew Kliman, author of The Failure of Capitalist Production and Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital”

  • The “Anti-Neoliberal Left” Narrative: Politically Dangerous and Factually Flawed



Click on the links below for the texts and slides that accompany some of the presentations:

Ravi Bali’s text

Anne Jaclard’s text

Bill Weinberg’s text

Andrew Kliman’s slides

Please note that the video is missing part of Anne Jaclard’s remarks about MHI, which she made after the presentations and before the discussion. She read part of MHI’s “Who We Are” statement, which appears in full here.

Editor’s Note: This article was revised on July 2, 2017, in order to include texts and slides of some presentations. For the original article, click here.

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