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  • UK’s 2017 General Election: A Crisis for the Political Class
  •   by Stakhanov Russ   “In office, but not in power.” ––Nigel... Read more

  • Deadly Fire in London Apartment Building: Underlying Causes
  •    Editors’ note: On Wednesday, June 14, a fire engulfed Grenfell... Read more

  • Ghosts of the Innocent Victims–what more is there to come?
  •   by Ralph Keller   The pictures of the Manchester attack are... Read more

  • The UK Left after Brexit: Free Movement and the Unions
  •   by Thomas Fagan   Unite the Union The issue of free movement of... Read more

  • 250,000 rally in London to Save National Health Service
  •   Warning: don’t have an accident, get sick or grow old   by... Read more

  • Protest Outside Parliament Against Trump’s State Visit to Britain
  • by Ralph Keller and Travis Blute The opposition to Trump internationally... Read more

  • Views from London Women’s March: Internationalism Trumps Trump
  •   See also new editorial: “Gigantic Resistance Emerging Against... Read more


  • On Brexit: The Sovereignty Trap
  •   by Chris Gilligan   The debate on the United Kingdom’s (UK’s)... Read more

  • Should the UK leave the European Union? Differing Ideas about the Coming Vote
  • Editors’ Note: MHI, which takes no position on this question, publishes... Read more

  • The Significance of Sadiq Khan’s Election as London’s Mayor
  • by Travis Bean The election of Labour Party candidate Sadiq Khan as the... Read more

  • Open Letter on Brexit that Spiked Rejected
  • Last month, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced a referendum,... Read more

  • MHI launches activity in UK; two meetings in March
  •  VIDEOS OF THESE MEETINGS ARE NOW HERE [added May 5, 2016]. MHI is proud... Read more