Audio: “Roots of the Economic Crisis” @ Historical Materialism 2010 in NYC

On January 15th, Andrew Kliman gave a talk on the “Roots of the Economic Crisis: The Persistent Fall in Profitability & Debt Financing” at the 2010 Historical Materialism Conference at the CUNY Graduate Center in NYC. Kliman spoke on a panel with Fred Moseley and Simon Mohun entitled “Origins of the Current Crisis.” An audio recording of this panel is now available.

Listen to the panel


Listen to q&a


Another recording of this panel is available at the Radical Perspectives on the Crisis website:

(The audio quality may be better here. The Radical Perspectives on the Crisis website also features recordings of a number of other panels at the conference.)

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  1. 1vincent mclean said at 5:42 am on February 13th, 2010:warm greetings comrades of the marxist humanist initiative. i’ve been wanting to reach your group ever since i’ve read what had happend to the news and letters committee political event that took placed resulted in the split between you. i’m an advocate of marx’s socialism with a human face, bannered by the marxist humanist groupings in the world. i’m a revolutionary activist from the philippines whose roots stems from the marxist humanist perspective, although it did not take root in the movement, with a leninist majority advocates, which i’m also a part of. i’m a popular educator and whenever i do pop ed all of my political and capability modules can be found traces of luxemburg, dunayevskaya’s tenents. i hope to have a grasp regarding whats the trend now on the marxist humanist arena. with warm wishes and solidarity to you comrades..

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