Episode 105: “What can stop Trumpism?”

Jane Michaels and Seth Morris interview Andrew about his new article, “What Can Stop Trumpism?” They discuss the Trumpites’ elaborate plans to impose authoritarian rule in the US if Trump takes power again, and how that power will be used to exact revenge against his opponents and to impose policies that are even more reactionary than those of his first term. Jane, Seth, and Andrew also discuss the Democrats’ strategy to defeat Trumpism “decisively” by increasing their vote share by a few percentage points (which Andrew’s article characterizes as “insanity”), the idea that Trump’s fate should be decided “at the ballot box” (which the article characterizes as capitulation to the idea that Trump is above the law), and a possible alternative path—the development of a mass antifascist movement that can stop Trumpism by such means as are necessary.

Plus current-events segment: Moms “for” Liberty thrashed in US school-board elections. Theresa Henry and Andrew discuss parents’ and teachers’ relatively successful fightback against this far-right “astroturf” organization and similar battles being fought in Canada. Amanda Marcotte’s commentary on the election results and the discussion with Ettingermentum in RFH Ep. 101 are cited.

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December 1, 2023

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