Episode 30: Use-Value and Exchange-Value … and Value

The co-hosts discuss a Yale University colloquium talk, “Use-Value and Exchange-Value … and Value,” that Andrew delivered on October 7. Much of the discussion is about common misconceptions regarding the concepts and the relations among them. The co-hosts also discuss how the key opposition in Marx’s theory––between use-value and value––differs from the opposition between use-value and exchange-value that classical economists had focused on, and the significance of this difference for revolutionary theory and practice. And Brendan inquires about Andrew’s writing process.

The video of the colloquium talk and the discussion that followed, the text of Andrew’s text, and the quotations he discussed are all available here. The segment also makes reference to two articles he has published on the topic.

The current-events segment is on Biden’s defeat of Trump, the significance of the relatively close popular vote, and the need to continue and complete the struggle against Trumpism by non-electoral means.

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November 7, 2020


  1. You have made this much more complex than it needs to be. A specific commodity at a moment varies from it’s exchange value due to supply and demand though the average price is the exchange value.

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