Episode 50: Marxism vs. Resurgent Tankieism (interview with László Molnárfi, university student in Ireland)

The co-hosts and Anne Jaclard, MHI’s Organizational Secretary, interview László Molnárfi, author of the just-published essay, To Overthrow the Capitalism of Today, We Must First Overthrow the Communism of the Past. A 20-year-old student activist at Trinity College Dublin, Molnárfi argues that the resurgence of “tankie” (pro-Stalinist) thought is harmful, both to the “the moral, political and scientific integrity of Marxism” and to activists’ ability to organize. He discusses the extent to which tankieism is re-emerging, in Ireland and elsewhere; he and the interviewers explore the causes of this phenomenon. Much of the discussion focuses on the pronounced growth of pro-Stalinist sentiment among youth. Molnárfi argues that this resurgence does not stem from naivete; young tankies are learning and consciously embracing Stalinist ideology and untruths.

In the episode’s current-events segment, Brendan and Andrew discuss the Trumpites’ invocation of “freedom” to justify their opposition to vaccine and mask mandates, and Amanda Marcotte’s recent takedown of this false narrative: “they are robbing the rest of us of our freedoms.”

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August 24, 2021

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