Episode 71: The Cybercurrency Crash—Interview with David Golumbia

Brendan and Andrew welcome back David Golumbia, whom they interviewed in Ep. 63 of Radio Free Humanity about his book The Politics of Bitcoin: Software as Right-Wing Extremism. In this new episode, they discuss the new wave of crashing cryptocurrency markets, including Bitcoin, Luna/Terra, and NFTs (nonfungible tokens). David explains what all of these things are—or were. The issues he and the co-hosts discuss include: the causes of the crash; the key role that Luna/Terra played in the crypto markets; who benefits and who loses from the crash; the role that fraud played and the relation between the fraud and cyber-libertarian ideology; whether the crash was surprising or something to be expected; and whether the prices of cryptocurrencies will bounce back, as the price of Bitcoin has in the past.

In the current-events segment, the co-hosts again discuss Congress’s January 6 committee hearings on the attempted and ongoing Trumpite coup: new revelations through June 21, the impact of the hearings, and “Team Normal” Trumpism.

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June 24, 2022

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