Audio: On Value Theory, Intellectual Honesty, and Marxist-Humanism: “From Alpha to Omega” Interview with Andrew Kliman

by MHI
On July 28, Tom O’Brien and Lexi Dog Robot of the “From Alpha to Omega” podcast series interviewed Andrew Kliman of Marxist-Humanist Initiative. The interview has just gone online, in two parts––here and here.

The discussion between O’Brien, Dog Robot, and Kliman focused largely on the temporal single-system interpretation (TSSI) of Marx’s value theory, to which they all subscribe; intellectual honesty and intellectual standards; and the aggregate price-value equalities of Marx’s value theory. They also discussed “econophysics,” Raya Dunayevskaya’s Marxist-Humanism, and how the latter differs from the thought of C.L.R. James.

The first of the two podcast episodes commemorates a milestone, the 100th episode of “From Alpha to Omega,” which O’Brien launched in 2012. It is entitled “#100 The TSSI and the Critics w/ Andrew Kliman.” The second episode bears the title, “#101 Econophysics & Marxist Humanism w/ Andrew Kliman.”


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