New Podcast Series—Radio Free Humanity: The Marxist-Humanist Podcast

by MHI

Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) is pleased to announce the launching of a new podcast series, Radio Free Humanity: The Marxist-Humanist Podcast. Co-hosted by Brendan Cooney and Andrew Kliman, Radio Free Humanity will feature in-depth interviews and analyses. The podcast episodes, which will be up to one-hour long, will also typically include shorter segments in which Cooney and Kliman discuss current events. New episodes of the podcast series are slated to be released every two weeks.

Radio Free Humanity is hosted on two platforms: MHI’s website and SoundCloud. The views expressed by the co-hosts and guests of Radio Free Humanity are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of MHI.

Each episode’s page on our website will include a section for (moderated) listeners’ comments. We encourage listeners to engage in dialogue with us, and with the co-hosts.

In the premier episode of Radio Free Humanity, Cooney interviews Kliman about his empirical research into “Obama-Trump voters”—who they were and what motivated them to “defect” from the Democrats and vote for Trump in 2016. The episode also includes a segment in which the co-hosts discuss the latest developments in the (Trumpite) US government’s brutal attack on refugees and immigrants.

Future episodes of Radio Free Humanity will focus on combatting white nationalism; the Green New Deal; Brexit and Boris Johnson’s authoritarian maneuvers; and the recent resurgence of Stalinism among youth.

The co-hosts are both Marxist-Humanists based in the US, and frequent contributors to With Sober Senses, MHI’s web journal. Brendan Cooney is the creator and producer of the Kapitalism101 website, which features educational videos that focus largely on Marx’s critique of political economy. He is also a professional musician, and the musical talents and skills he is bringing to Radio Free Humanity will help to enliven it. Andrew Kliman, an economist, is the author of Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital” and The Failure of Capitalist Production as well as dozens of articles on Marx’s value theory, economic crisis, and other topics.

“The podcast format has become an increasingly popular medium in the battle of ideas,” Cooney said. “Our launch of Radio Free Humanity presents an opportunity to project our ideas to new audiences and to engage in this battle of ideas. It also presents a chance for us to talk at length about, and to provide timely analysis of, current events.”

Kliman said, “I’ve been interviewed a good deal over the years. I’m very excited about Radio Free Humanity because I finally have a chance to ask the questions. Asking the right questions is key to getting the answers right. And we’re certainly living in a moment when we desperately need to get the answers right.”




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