Video: Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation), Now a Seven-Part Video Series

by MHI

Karl Marx stood for a new society in which the full and free development of every individual forms the ruling principle. Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation): Marxist-Humanist Initiative’s Perspectives for 2018 bring his revolutionary humanist perspective to bear on the singularly critical task of this moment: opposing and defeating Trumpism and other resurgent far-right tendencies. (These Perspectives were re-adopted for 2019 by MHI.)

Although these Perspectives were worked out more than a year ago, they unfortunately remain urgently needed. We have therefore produced this seven-part video series to help distribute more widely, and to stimulate discussion of, the ideas they contain. Beating back and transcending the latest wave of reaction requires wide and deep discussion among everyone who is fighting both (a) to protect liberal-democratic rights and (b) to continue the struggle until we achieve full freedom for all human beings. So we welcome and encourage discussion of the Perspectives. Please post your comments below this article.

While the print and online versions of the Perspectives contain embedded links and website URLs that provide valuable background information and documentation of our claims, the videos omit them. Viewers of the videos should therefore consult, as well, either the 88-page, bound pamphlet version or the free online PDF version of the Perspectives. 


cover of 2018 Perspectives, _Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation)_



Part I, “Trumpism in Power, Aided by the Soft-on-Trump Left, Threatens Life and Liberty,” read by Anne Jaclard


Part II, “The Resistance: A Permanent State of Revolt Against Trumpism,” read by Brendan Cooney


Part III, “Economic Mythology of Left-Populist Alternatives to Neoliberalism,” read by Brendan Cooney


Part IV, “Combatting ‘Post-Truth Politics,’ in Practice and in Theory,” read by Ravi Bali


Section A of Part V, “Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx,” read by Andrew Kliman


Section B of Part V, “Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx,” read by Eric Andrian


Part VI, “Individual Responsibility for the Collective Development of Marxist-Humanism,” read by Anne Jaclard




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